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We are going to hold The 6th "Super HIKARIJUKU" Kid's Photonics school / 第6回こども科学の教室 スーパー光塾を開催します

posted Sep 7, 2015, 7:58 PM by 田中千秋   [ updated Sep 9, 2015, 12:02 AM ]

“Why do fireflies glow in the dark? ” “How can cameras record a moment as a photograph?” “Why is the rainbow colorful?” These questions that everyone must have wondered once about can be explained by the mysterious nature of light.

We are going to hold “Kid's Photonics School” -Super "HIKARI JUKU"- again on 23rd November this year and provide several easy scientific experiments or lectures with kids. We would like elementary school students to learn about “light” joyfully and feel familiar with science. This school is ordinary held by Photonics Center, the department of engineering and OSA/SPIE student chapter in Osaka University. Approximately 50 elementary school kids will be invited to this event every year and we focus a main theme on optics and provide several easy scientific experiments or lectures with kids.

It will be the sixth time for us to have it this year. This year, we would like elementary school students to see the unexpected sides of light through experiments, lectures, and exhibits. That is why we made “amazing light -the unexpected sides of light-” a theme for the Photonics Kid’s school. We are doing the best to prepare many exciting light experiments including PIKAPIKA: doodling with light (making twinkling paintings by a penlight on photos), Marble Big Light (expanding small paintings on a plastic sheet by using a marble as a lens) and more.

You will be able to apply for participation in this school until 20th October 2015. Please don’t miss it and let’s become a Doctor of Light!


You can see photos from the last year’s school on our Facebook page, here.


6th Kid's Photonics School” -Super "HIKARI JUKU"- Student President,







第6回子ども科学の教室 スーパー光塾 学生統括 伊藤健