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We held 50th colloquium on 3rd October

posted Oct 3, 2016, 9:33 PM by 倉田早織
We held 50th colloquium on 3rd October and this colloquium's theme was "Global activities".
We welcomed Professor Shinsuke Yamanaka, who is the Executive Vice President of Global Engagement, and Professor Prabhat Verma, who is the chairman od Photonics Center international committee.
Prof. Yamanaka gave a lecture about International strategy of Handai, and introduced the current situation sprinkled with concrete figure. And he also talk about the vision how Handai would proceed in the future. 
Professor Verma introduced the international activities at Photonics Center like foreign students and researchers admission, international symposia and conferences held at home and abroad.
Some of participants said it was a precious opportunity to know information about International Strategy of Handai , and was also good to hear concrete activities.
We would like to appreciate for the two of special guest speakers and participants.