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The 350 m2 laboratory is equipped with the most advanced processing, analysis, evaluation and design tools devoted to photonics industry creation and innovation, including a 100 m2 clean room. This center is for the use of member and partner companies. An application is required to use this equipment. A reservation is also necessary each time.


3Dプンター 3D Printer Objet/EDEN350V
This device fabricates three-dimensional models in sophisticated detail with structures of less than 20 μm. It is used for mockups and prototypes. The model is formed by automatically spraying plastic through inkjet and hardening it with ultraviolet, based on numeric data. The size of the models is less than 340 x 340 x 200 mm.
NC加工装置 Numerically
Controlled Machining
ファナック/ROBODRILL α-D21MiA5
This device machines components such as optical mounts requiring high precision, using numerical control (NC). The operational data (NC program) for drilling is entered. The accuracy of positioning of the drill axis is 0.006 mm, and the maximum size that can be machined is 500 x 400 x 330 mm (vertical).

構造設計ソフト Structural Design Software
Solid Works / Solid Works Professional
This three-dimensional CAD software can create design drawings for actual product-level components and assemblies. It covers modeling functions for complex free form surfaces, precision sheet metal processing, plastics and so on, and it has standard libraries for JIS and ISO-compliant bolts, nuts, pins, parts libraries for bearings, retaining rings and the like, and functions for preparing cam shapes. It can also create realistic animations of the movement of products.

光学系設計ソフト Optical Design Software
Zemax/Zemax 13 IE
This software is for optical design and evaluation. It can be used for the design of lenses, LEDs and other lighting, as well as modeling, analysis, optimization and tolerance analysis of all sorts of optical systems, including displays, concentrating solar cells, laser light propagation, stray light, optical fiber and the like.

振動試験機 vibration-testing machine
This equipment reproduces damage to products during shipping, including operational defects, cracking, friction, static electricity, and scratches. The results of shipping tests can be used for developing packing materials and protective measures. The 800 × 1,000 mm testing table can oscillate in three axes simultaneously and support up to 120 kg.

P3-517 薄膜デバイス作成室(クリーンルーム) Thin Film Device Fabrication Lab (Clean room)

マスクレス露光装置 Maskless Lithography
Pattern data created with CAD can be used to expose photoresist directly on the substrate without using a photomask. Furthermore, three dimensional processing of the resist is possible using grayscale exposure. The exposure light source is LED with a wavelength of 405 nm, and sample sizes from several millimeters square to 5-inch wafers are supported. The smallest pixel is 1 μm.


Focused Ion Beam System FB2200
This equipment is for micromachining and observing samples with an ion beam. It enables high-speed large area manufacturing, and can perform processing and micro sampling by reading a bitmap of 2,048 × 2,048 pixels or less.Image resolution is 6 nm or less, magnification is 60 to 300,000 times, and maximum processing and observation range is 30 × 30 mm.

コンパクトスパッタ Compact Suputter
Equipment for forming thin films of metal and other substances on a 2-inch substrate. The film material target is bombarded with argon ions produced by electric discharge, and the material particles accumulate on the substrate. Besides metals, carbon, quartz and other materials can be applied as films, and three types of target can be used at the same time.

紫外可視近赤外分光光度計 UV-VIS-NIR Spectrophotometer
Equipment that irradiates a sample with light divided into ultraviolet, visible, and near-infrared regions from a wavelength region of 185 to 3,300 nm. It detects the intensity of the transmitted or reflected light to measure the absorbance, transmittance and reflection coefficient of the sample. The maximum resolution of the wavelength is 0.1 nm.

P2-211 光学評価
Optical Characterization Lab

ZYGO/ VeriFire-XPZ
This equipment uses interference to measure the profile irregularity of the planar or spherical surfaces of optical components and so on, at high speed with high precision. It can measure optical planar substrates, lenses, prisms and other glass and plastic optical components, as well as precision metal components such as computer disks and bearings and the like. It is capable of measuring height differences with accuracy of 0.5 nm in objects with a width of 10 cm.

KLA-Tencor/ P-16+
基板やレンズなどの表面をダイアモンドの針でなぞり、表面の粗さ、段差、微小なうねり、全体の形状を測定し、2次元及び3次元解析を行う装置です。最大サンプルサイズ 200mm、最大操作距離80mm、段差測定再現性 1nm以下。
This equipment traces the surface of a substrate or lens with a diamond needle, measuring the whole shape including surface roughness, differences in height, and minute swellings, performing two and three-dimensional analysis. The maximum sample size is 200 mm, and height difference measurement reproducibility is down to 1 nm or smaller.

Using various kinds of probe, AFM (atomic force microscope) measurement at nanoscale accuracy and washing nanostructures on substrates with fluid and coating them is possible. Probes can be a single pen tip, or an array of 10 x 10, applying a large amount in a single process.

ハイロックス/ KH-8700
Capable of observing and measuring specimens at 35x to 5000x magnification. 3D model creation and image linking in the observation unit enable photography in a wide range. Features such as surface roughness and point height measurement and line profile display make it easy to observe and evaluate specimens.


レーザーラマン顕微鏡 Laser Raman Microscope Nanophoton/RAMAN-11
This device measures the Raman light scattering of substances and cells, giving an image. Raman light scattering is the scattering of light when light hits a molecule. It is possible to perform composition analysis of specific substances in the sample, identify the crystal structure and obtain molecular information.

共焦点レーザースキャニング顕微鏡 Confocal Laser Scannning Microscope ニコン/A1R MR
This microscope enables observation of cells and tissues as a clear image. It detects the fluorescence of the sample and creates an image. In addition, it is possible to build three-dimensional images from images captured as slices. Laser wavelength is 405/457•477•488•514/561/638 nm and the laser scanning range is about 2.7 × 12.7 mm.

 Waters  /1525/432/2475/2998
This is a device for separating and analyzing compounds dissolved in liquid. It is also possible to separate and purify specific substances from mixed solutions of complex compounds. This equipment can separate and purify substances at high speed.

LC-MS Waters/UPLC Xevo Q-Tofシステム
This is a mass spectrometer that can check intermediate synthetic compounds and final product substances in organic synthesis, as well as screening for drugs and analyzing biopolymers such as DNA and proteins. By combining it with a high-speed liquid chromatograph (LC), it can perform mass spectrometry of analytical subjects formed of many components, at high speed with high sensitivity.
DNAシーケンサーDNA Sequencer 3500
Applied Biosystems 3500
This a fluorescence-based fully automatic DNA analysis system. For DNA sequencing analysis, fragment analysis, or individual diagnostic analysis, it performs every step from loading the samples to primary data analysis completely automatically.
Veriti サーマルサイクラー Applied Biosystem


 マイクロプレートリーダー Microplate Spectrophotometer
サーモイエンティフィック/Multiskan GO
Able to select the desired wavelength in a wide wavelength region (200 - 1000 nm) and perform absorbance measurements that are designed for a particular assay and processing volume, using either cuvettes or microplates.

           分析天秤         超純水製造システム
                                         Water Purification Sysytem

           ドラフトチャンバー    製氷機
      Fume Hood Flake Ice Maker

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